Here's what some people had to say...

“As an artist, I don’t always have the most efficient way of taking care of my business. Important papers end up under sketches , taped to walls, or lost. Pam is the master of helping to organize my work flow and creating a system that works the way I do.

Through questions, she established what my priorities are, and then created a system of folders and sub folders that represent my projects accurately. Now, everything does have a place, or a home as she puts it, and it’s easy because it’s based on my terms, my categories. When I am looking for something, it’s labeled the way I think. Although, she helped to get rid of duplicating ideas, and helped me to think more efficiently in my process!

To clear up even more, she showed me the digital tools available as well, so after some quick scanning, I was able to reduce papers and now have a process where if it’s possible, I scan it, file it digitally, and don’t even keep the paper! What a difference. Now I focus on creating, not hunting for this item or that reference image, it’s all right where I can find it.  I’m not saying this just because she is my wife! It’s just true! She is amazing when it comes to designing an organized space!”

Dale Hendrickson. (Van Nuys, CA)

“As a mother of two young school age children (5 and 9 years old), life can get overwhelming, as the mundane stuff we acquire can spin out of control quite easily and rapidly! Luckily for us, we were greatly helped with Pam’s fabulous organizational services. She has a very warm, inviting and calm demeanor. Her creative,  helpful hints have made our lives much more efficient. She showed us a new way to arrange the furniture in order to maximize a small,shared bedroom space. In addition, she showed us how to organize the small items so it’s functional and easily put away when not in use. The children adore their new and improved bedroom and are also getting along much better since the space has been maximized. Thank you for all your effort , Pam! ”

Vicki W. (Sherman Oaks, CA)

“My name is Ronald Marinaro and I am a very busy over-scheduled chiropractor whose office has often times resembled a war zone with the result of lost papers files etc, etc. much to the consternation of my staff. A plea for help resulted in my reaching out to Pam who is a professional organizer. Her miraculous make-over of my office is truly amazing. My staff is smiling again and I highly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing life-threatening office chaos. She was professional, efficient, pleasant to work with and I would call on her expertise when again my office needs surgery. ”

Ron Marinaro (Studio City, CA)

“When I moved from my two-bedroom and two-car garage into a one-bedroom apartment, I didn’t know how to organize all my things. However, it wasn’t long before I met Pam, and what a gift she turned out to be! She organized my closets and kitchen cabinets, and consolidated my things so they were easy to find and use. She made my new living space much more comfortable, and I was very happy to be there.”

Marcie M. (Woodland Hills, CA)

“I would highly recommend having Pam help with your home office organizing. I have had this post-it note syndrome, where I put them all over my desk, so I won’t forget anything. And on top of it I can’t keep up with my filing. I had been using a task software on my phone but the reminders just disappear and you need to delete each daily task one at a time. This was not helping me at all.  

Pam showed me a note program that syncs to an app on my phone, where I can enter all the notes into files. It has cleared up a lot of space on the desk and it is so much more organized. She also showed me a superior task program which syncs to my phone, which is really helpful and has very clear reminders. Much better than what I was using. Also she showed me a scanner that can scan both to the computer and the note program to become paperless. Much less filing to deal with.

It’s way more efficient and a time saver to be organized. And time is money!”

Karin H Cohen. (Hollywood Hills, CA)